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Tile Installers Pembroke Pines

Pool Tile Installers

Pool Tile Installers Pembroke Pines FL company is a family-owned, professional company that has been installing quality pool tiles for over 20 years. We have installed the best brands of porcelain and natural stone tiles on pools, spas and other water features.

Pool tile installation is not a job that should be taken lightly. Pool tile installers in Pembroke Pines FL are professionals who know what they're doing! Choosing the wrong pool tiles can lead to a variety of problems, including: drainage issues, slipping hazards, and expensive repairs down the line. Our pool tile experts can help you choosing the best type of pool tile for your needs.


There is no "one size fits all" pool tile. Different types of pools need different types of tiles to make them function properly (i.e., a non-skid tile for a pool with kids, or a drainage and layering system for an in ground pool). Our professional Pembroke Pine FL installers knows how to do pool tile installation. We have years of experience and can provide you with the best options depending on your project.


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    What type of pool tile is the best?

    There really isn't a specific answer to that question because it depends on what you need and your budget. There are some more expensive options with higher quality and some are less expansive with lower quality.

    If you're not sure what to choose for your pool tile installation, it's best to consult a professional Pembroke Pine FL pool tile installer and they will be able to help answer all of the questions that you may have about this project or any other when it comes to pools!

    How much does it cost to install pool tile?

    Pool tile replacement is a big job that needs to be done quickly and correctly. The pool tiles are an integral part of the design because they act as the flooring, walls, and ceilings of your pool. With so much pressure on these tiles, it's essential that you find professional installers who know what they're doing.

    The cost for pool tile replacement depends on the size, shape and type of pool tile used for the project. On average to total cost for pool tile replacement is between $40.00 per square foot and $60 per square foot, but the cost can also vary on the labor costs in your area.

    How long does tile last in a pool?

    The lifespan of pool tile will vary depending on the type of tile and how it is treated. The most common pool tiles are cement, vinyl, fiberglass and salt water resistant glass.

    Pool owners usually only need to consider replacing their pool tile if it looks dirty, damaged, faded or worn. The extend of the pool is being used and the environment will also affect how often it needs to be replaced.

    Regular upkeep and the type of tiles used are two factors that determine the lifespan of a pool's tiling. Pool owners should consider all these things when deciding which pool tiles to purchase for their pools, so they can make an informed decision about what size, color and type. Tile Installers Pembroke Pines have been in business of pool tile install for a long time. The commercial and residential pool tile installation is our expertise. Call us today and we would arrange the time to stop for a full assessment of your pool tile install and provide you with our recommendations.